FIREClean Bottle

  • $ 14.95

Developed for shooters, by shooters. Simply put, we were underwhelmed by the myriad of firearms lubricants commercially available, particularly in hard use and tough platforms such as suppressed AR SBRs (which subject lubes to high heat and fouling overload).   FIREClean has been through the wringer with some very tough users.

Why FIREClean?

  • Deep cleaning
  • Efficient, Durable Lubrication.  You can focus your range time on shooting....not clearing malfunctions.
  • Effortless Cleanup
  • Odorless, non-toxic
  • No need for multiple gun care products


One year, 3,000 rounds, no malfunctions, and no reapplication.  Roughly 1/50 of a bottle was used for this test.