FIREClean 2-pack (2/ea 2 fl oz / 60 ml bottle)

  • $ 29.90

FIREClean is a revolutionary way to keep your gun running cleaner, longer, and smoother.  If you shoot an AR-15, you will go through 60,000 rounds of ammunition before you use up these 2 bottles.  Whether you're firing a musket, revolver, or belt-fed crew-served weapon, FIREClean will enhance your firearms' reliability, and greatly reduce cleaning time and effort.  

  • Conditions metal to prevent buildup of carbon and other fouling
  • Most fouling simply wipes off
  • Cleans deeply and safely into gun metals
  • Safe for use inside damage to polymers
  • Dramatically reduces cleaning time and effort - generally by half or more
  • Enhances reliability and decreases parts breakage
  • Odorless and non-toxic