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FIREClean is the leading gun oil on the market. Don’t believe us? Check out these FIREClean reviews from Amazon. With 337 FIREClean reviews, 72% have given us 5 stars. Our rating on Amazon is 4.4 out of 5.

FIREClean Reviews

Here are some FireClean reviews directly from Amazon:

Marty K –  Seems to work good. Keeps my gun clean, the slide well lubricated, and 2 bottles has lasted a long time. A little goes a long way

FMM – I have purchased 6 bottles now. Glocks, LCPs, Colt 1911 and now ARs. Easy cleanup after practice, which is what I am after.

Dan J –  I applied several coatings prior to first use of new gun. Gun operated very smoothly and cleanup was super easy after 150 rounds.

Breadguy – This stuff is great, but you only need 1 bottle. Split the cost with another gunnut, 1 bottle will lat you a lifetime, use it sparingly, it don't take much

Ignacio Ruben Garibay – Yes, I use a ton og gun cleaners and this product really cleans my target guns.

Matador – I have purchased a few used guns over the years that have performed fair to poor, but after using Fire Clean they perform like new. I now tell my friends about my positive experience using this product.

Bryan –  Wow. Best stuff out there PERIOD for cleaning and lubricating your guns. I followed the instructions and YouTube videos and MAN does this stuff work. Believe the hype! Do yourself a favor and get the last product you'll ever buy for cleaning and lubricating your firearms. 

Trackrocket – This product is your answer to keeping a gun that shoots dirty (.300BO) clean.

Amazing how the carbon build up wipes right off (~95%), and what doesn't, is easily removed via wire brush or plastic pic. Definitely less headache if you're going for a quick clean n' shoot.

Rex M. – Your basic next-generation gun oil. I really like it and bought it because of its low-temperature performance. It doesn't run all over like some oils, and it seems to lubricate better (less gritty). After the first cleaning/lubrication, it does not require much to maintain performance. For better results, use a degreaser first. I also used it on folding knives, brass instruments, and a few other metal-on-metal applications. Oh, it doesn't stink, so that's good.

Amazon Customer – This stuff works. It definitely works as it says it does. It breaks down the carbon on the inside and allows a good thorough clean. It also conditions the metal and makes repeated cleaning easier. I also couple it with Frog Lube. 

Jeremy W. – This stuff is great, I've been using it on my personal firearms as well as the ones I use in the military for the past two years and I haven't been disappointed yet. After a heavy day of shooting, carbon just wipes away, even after range days of going through 400 to 600 rounds. Not quite the case with the 240B machine gun, you have to use it much, much more liberally if you plan on an extreme volume of shooting. This is expected though since we're typically firing between 5,000 to 12,000 rounds of 7.62, and it's still better than anything I've used in the past ten years of military shooting short of brake cleaner. As far as lubrication, a little goes a long way and makes your parts feel buttery smooth, and gives a very silky glide to moving components. I've been able to lubricate and condition an entire M4 with only 10 drops, and it still seemed like too much. I bought a two bottle pack about two years ago and I'm just now about to finish the second one, and that's only because one bottle came open during a field op. I would highly recommend this stuff, you won't be disappointed.

K. Mayhew – FIREClean is absolutely amazing stuff! Gone are the days of scrubbing and scraping off a carbon encrusted AR/M16 bolt tail. Now it takes just a few minutes to completely clean all of my firearms!

I originally bought it on recommendation of a Tier 1 operator, and everything he said about it was spot on! My personal AR uses a Nickel Teflon upper with a Sharps Rifle Company Relia-Bolt bolt carrier group with NP3 coating. For my initial treatment, I used a small amount and coated the inside of the upper, and then coated the firing group, the trigger group, the buffer and spring, and even down the barrel. I was advised to leave it to soak in for 24 hours. I left it for a week, and then gave it a good wipe down everywhere except the contact points on the BCG. Everything felt amazingly slick! The BCG was hard to hold on to because it was so slippery!

I took it out for a shoot day to test it out. I took 500 rounds of the cheapest, steel cased, dirty, Wolf ammunition to shoot. The first magazine exhibited quite a bit of smoke blowing out of the barrel as I shot, and initially I was disappointed by that. I noticed that as I shot, the smoke got less and less until dissipating completely. Good to go! I shot for a few hours, running completely through the ammunition that I had brought with me. I decided to clean it there on the spot as I had brought my kit with me. Literally all it took was a microfiber towel and a rub down to get all the parts looking like new, including the bolt tail! Running patches down the bore showed thick black buildup that came right off. I had completely cleaned my rifle in under 5 minutes! I was sold then and there!

Since that time, I have used FIREClean on many firearms. It is invaluable to use on .22lr firearms! .22 ammunition is really dirty, and after a proper treatment with FIREClean, it wipes up with no fuss.

It is great on Mosin-Nagant bolts and internal magazine. Don't forget to get that bore! Easily cleans up from the corrosive surplus ammo!

It makes cleaning and lubing my Glock 21 a breeze!

On pump shotguns, it slicks up even the most well worked action!

On AKs, treating the bolt, the piston and the rails, makes for simple clean up and makes a great rifle even better!

Now that I have been using it for a while now, I can't even fathom going back to any other CLP product, and Amazon has it cheaper than my local store! Fantastic!

Mark – I love this stuff. I bought this awhile back and still have a half bottle left. I used this before and after firing on the range when firing about 10000 rounds over two days. All the carbon either wiped right of or was scrubbed off with little to no effort. Will be buying again. 

Tanner S – Great stuff, had a Beretta that wasn't cycling properly on CLP and one use of this stuff and it ran better than ever. Be prepared to have lots of fouling on your arms though as the carbon definitely gets ejected from the weapon instead of binding to the metal. Cleaning was super easy, able to clean three pistols in the time it took to clean one without fireclean.

Chris H – This is an outstanding product. It cuts cleaning time by at least 70%. As an infantryman I've cleaned weapons using anything from regular old CLP, carburetor cleaner, Hoppe's No 9 (which is also a great product), etc. However, FIREClean takes the cake. For the first time use I had to strip off all of my previous lubricant using rubbing alcohol and then apply a generous amount of FIREClean on to the working mechanisms of my weapon. After letting it soak in overnight I wiped it down and applied a thin coat to keep the moving parts lubricated. I took both my 1911 and AR to the range that weekend and put about 300 rounds through each weapon. All I had to do was take them apart, wipe them down with a rag, and run my boresnake through the barrel a few times and then applied a new coat and I was done. No more hours of scrubbing, brushing, or scraping off caked on carbon.

R. Overall – Have used Otis, Hoppe's, and others, and they all work well. So far, though, after an afternoon of shooting, this formula seems to (subjective) leave my bores, and to some degree the magazine's top and the chamber, less dirty. I don't see a drop off in accuracy during 50 to 100 shot sessions (per gun), where I sometimes did (again, subjective) with the other formulae. My guns are too new to tell if FIREClean will keep rust away. However, shortly I will try it when I shoot my 1970s model Winchester '94, that failed to load or shoot earlier this year, having sat for 35 years, covered, in a corner. It shot fine this summer, but I admit I like my ARs better. Still, this formula works great in my 9mm, .380, .32, and .22 pistols, and in my three 5.56 ARs and .22 AR. I haven't had a "goo/carbon/drybore jam" yet. And again (subjective), the guns seem to feel smoother. Could be all perception, but I'll take that until I find out differently. Not the cheapest, but not the most expensive either, and I believe it works. I can't speak to it's not being toxic, as I have no expertise in that area. I rated it down one star solely because it was hard to find (initially, until my range officer showed it to me as an option), and isn't the least expensive. Otherwise, it's very good.

Alex –  have a user of CLP for a long time. I was given some at work and it did the job. While the odor and potential hazard that can be created by it I looked for potential alternatives.

I read on a few blogs regarding FIREClean Anti-Fouling Gun Conditioning Oil 2 pack and decided to test it out.

Since I didn't have any dirty guns to clean, I headed to the range. 3 guns and 600 rounds later, I had some cleaning to do.

I started with my first gun, disassembled, a little FIREClean, brush, wipe, and clean. No elbow grease required. All the carbon from the days shooting was wiped away in seconds.

Like other reviewers have said and claimed by FIREClean, there is no strong odor. It being non-toxic and biodegradable makes it a much better product. I am extremely happy that FIREClean exist and made cleaning/maintaining my weapons that much easier.

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Why FIREClean?

FIREClean is a new and different approach to operating your firearm. While traditionally the focus has been on “proper lubrication” and “keeping the gun wet”, experience has taught us that friction is rarely the problem on normal metal surfaces in the operation of guns. While this may sound like sacrilege to many, consider this: when was the last time that manually cycling a clean dry firearm resulted in locking the gun up?

The REAL ENEMY of successful firearms operation is heat and fouling – particularly carbon fouling. Carbon is the unavoidable byproduct of powder combustion in the firing process. Carbon adheres very, very strongly to metal surfaces. It is very abrasive, hence the “gritty” sounds typically encountered with dirty or fouled firearms.

Cleaning carbon with traditional methods requires harsh and hazardous chemicals- toxicity to humans, eco-toxicity, flammability, hazardous and potentially explosive vapors are some of the typical dangers.

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